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  • Rather than a do’s and don’ts style pop-up tips piece, I’m going to share with you how I fish pop-ups, why how and where and give you some useful advice to think about. I’m not saying you need to rush out and change your components, switch your rigs up and change the bait you use, but this is more of a food for thought piece that may open your eyes and get you thinking differently about your pop-up fishing.
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  • I’d been enjoying my boat on the river immensely but had also been very much looking forward to some autumn fishing on the continent. I often find myself torn between home and away, especially this year, but I fish a lot and always have done so it’s essential that I keep my angling diverse in order to keep me motivated. I’d penciled in several trips for the autumn and the first was just around the corner.
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  • It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and it can be dificult to get everything set up with a solid bag, but this technique is a tactic well worth adding to your armoury. Not only is it a great presentation offering a mouthful of food to an inquisitive carp, but it also ensures your rig does not tangle, and can even be cast at great range due to the nature of the aerodynamics of a tightly-packed solid bag.
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  • I was back down the lake midweek for a quick night, arriving just before 7pm. The nights were now starting to draw in so I only had about an hour of daylight left. Based on experience I knew that the last hour of light was best used in locating fish rather than rushing to set up before dark. I was so well drilled on my overnighters, that setting up in the dark was not an issue and I was full of confidence when it came to finding spots and positioning rigs.
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  • Most of you reading this will have started out fishing for carp with bottom baits, whether that be luncheon meat, sweetcorn, boilie or pellet. Today they are often over-looked for pop-ups due to the nature of a pop-up fishing more effectively over a wider range of debris on the lake bed.
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  • Josh Satterley recently sent us this blog, detailing some bad new of a van break in followed by a great few months angling, catching plenty of big carp on his new gear.
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  • By overseas adventures I am of course talking about the road trip style missions where you truly never know where or on what type of venue you may end up on.
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  • Nick Helleur discusses the trials and tribulations of finally getting afloat on the mighty river Thames. After just a few sessions he’s banked some resident carp, and had about as much fun as a young man can fishing the river from the ease of a cabin cruiser – lovely times.
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  • I will typically take five kilos of boilie with me on any given session, like my current syndicate water Vinnetrow or a day-ticket lake for a weekend for example. You can always whack it back into the freezer or, if you prep it right, it can last over a week in a bucket perfectly fine. Whether you choose to air-dry your boilie, soak it, glug it or preserve it, as long as you do so effectively it will prolong the baits life before it turns beyond the point of being usable – remember that a bait on the turn can often be very effective as the sugars start top be released.
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  • With a limit of £10 to buy bait, Darryll Slater reverted to pulses and seeds in an attempt to have a great days angling, and boy did he have just that.
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  • An Interview with Duncan Arrandale, detailing the highs and lows of his first two full seasons on The Carp Society’s Farriers lake, despite sitting on the ticket for a number of years.
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  • Having racked up 15 nights at the start of this year, we visited Mark Wozencroft on the banks of The Carp Society’s coveted Farriers Lake to hear about the high and lows in the build up to his first fish back in Spring.
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