A Petzl For Everyone

Feature Posted date: 29/11/2017, 12:11

Winter fishing can be cold, dark and miserable, unless you’re prepared for the conditions. Along with some sensible, performance clothing, which Wychwood has you well and truly covered for with market leading performance jackets and layers that are 20% more efficient than anything else tested, a head torch is vital.

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Duncan's October Diary

Feature Posted date: 29/11/2017, 09:11

My first trip in October actually started on Saturday night of the 30 September. Initially I was planning a dawn start for Sunday 1st, but ended up going late on Saturday arriving just on dark.

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5 Top Tips – Maggots

Feature Posted date: 31/10/2017, 09:10

Mark Wozencroft will often opt for maggots in colder water, but a differing lead arrangement gives him ultimate confidence and puts more carp on the bank.

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Top Tips – Boosting Baits

Feature Posted date: 24/10/2017, 13:10

There has been lots of talk about boosting baits in recent years but one thing I have not seen much information on is how these ‘boosting’ procedures effect other aspects of the bait rather than just the attraction of them. The most obvious example of this is when you see someone complaining about the lack of buoyancy in a particular pop up and then you find out they have had them sitting in 2 inches of liquid for 6 months so I will start with how I boost my pop ups.

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5 Top Tips – Pop-Ups

Feature Posted date: 29/09/2017, 16:09

Rather than a do’s and don’ts style pop-up tips piece, I’m going to share with you how I fish pop-ups, why how and where and give you some useful advice to think about. I’m not saying you need to rush out and change your components, switch your rigs up and change the bait you use, but this is more of a food for thought piece that may open your eyes and get you thinking differently about your pop-up fishing.

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